Networking: How to Make Contact and Informational Interviews

by Georgetown Career Education Center. Great list of questions to ask in an informational interview, including a sample email to alumnus and how to prep a personal pitch.

How To Ask Someone For a Coffee Meeting

by Life-long Learner. ¢¢ Breaks down a sample email requesting a coffee meeting.

Introducing: The Email Template That’ll Get You a Meeting With Anyone You Ask

by The Muse. ¢¢ General tips on asking for a meeting and following up. Good for reaching out for networking or asking for informational interviews.

How to Ask for an Email Introduction

by Huffington Post. ¢¢ Sample emails for the requestor and the connector when asking for an intro.

How to politely ask for an introduction over email

by Business Insider. Walk through the steps of asking for an introduction while making the process easily actionable for everyone involved.

Use One Of These Templates To Ask For Help From Your Network

by Fast Company. Sample emails to help you reach out to your ex-coworkers, someone in your field of interest, and other connections to have them make an intro or keep an eye out for you.

Professional Association Finder

by CareerOneStop. ¢¢ Professional associations are good for networking, keeping up on changes in the industry and finding professional development or job opportunities. This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and shows national professional associations by industry or occupation.


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