Free Downloadable Resume Templates

by ResumeGenius. ¢¢ Nice collection of resume templates in different designs and layouts, such as professional, classic or creative; even ones tailored to various career and life situations.

How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume

by big interview. ¢¢ Checklist of resume tips to move past resume screening software.  “Resumes with the highest scores relevant to the employer’s specified keywords and phrases combined with your years of experience will be moved up for further review.”

How to make sure a human reads your resume

by Seek. ¢¢ It’s hard to be sure where your resume goes after you click that “Apply” button.  These do’s and don’ts can help you get past keyword-scanning ATS (application tracking systems) while you’ll still want to make it scannable and impressive to a hiring manager.

Resume Guide

by CareerOneStop. ¢¢ Good starting point for putting together your first resume. Lots of tips and considerations for why you still need a resume, what goes in it and how to use it effectively as a key marketing document in your job search.  


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